The Kenyon Triva Quiz

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1. Where was Kenyon founded?
Mount Vernon

2. Who was the first woman to hold a faculty position at Kenyon?
Muriel Kahrl
Stanislawa Nikodym
Harlene Marley
Sophia Chase

3. Which of the following describes the Lord Kenyon for whom the College is named?
A prominent high-church Anglican
An anti-Catholic activist
An advocate for education
All of the above

4. How many times did Lord Kenyon visit Kenyon College?
(Enter a number; don't spell it out.)

5. Which of these institutions refused in 1949 to play football with Kenyon because of the College's black players?
Davidson College
Furman University
University of the South (Sewanee)
Birmingham Southern College

6. Rosse Hall was built to serve which of these purposes?
Assembly hall

7. What type of tree is the Upside-Down Tree east of the Church of the Holy Spirit?
Weeping willow
Weeping beech
Weeping birch
Whimpering maple

8. Which of these Kenyon songs is the official alma mater?
Philander Chase
The Thrill
Kokosing Farewell
I Want a Kenyon Man

9. An American president once called a Kenyon alumnus "the rock on the beach of our national ocean against which the breakers dash and roar, dash and roar." Who was the president, and who was the Kenyon alumnus?
Rutherford B. Hayes and David Davis, Class of 1832
Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton, Class of 1834
James Garfield and Stanley Matthews, Class of 1840
Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes, Class of 1842

10. Rutherford B. Hayes, valedictorian of the Class of 1842, cherished his Kenyon memories, writing that "no other period of my life is to be compared to it"--except one. What other experience compared to his time in Gambier?
His years at Harvard Law School
His years in the Union Army
His years as Ohio governor
His years in the White House

11. What was the final score in Kenyon's last football game against Ohio State University?
Kenyon 12, Ohio State 0
Ohio State 54, Kenyon 0
Ohio State 14, Kenyon 0
Kenyon 18, Ohio State 6

12. The cartoonist for which of these comic strips is not a Kenyon alumnus?
"The Born Loser"
"For Better or Worse"
"Calvin and Hobbes"

13. Who was Doris Crozier?
The dean of the coordinate college for women
The first coach of the women's soccer team
An editor of the /Kenyon Review/
The architect who designed Crozier House

14. In what Kenyon production did Paul Newman '49 appear in drag?
As You Like It
Charley's Aunt
The Front Page
Hedda Gabler

15. What American poet presided over the dedication of Gordon Keith Chalmers Memorial Library?
John Crowe Ransom
Robert Lowell
Robert Frost
James Wright

16. The founding editor of the Kenyon Review was:
Gordon Keith Chalmers
Roberta Teale Swartz
John Crowe Ransom
Philip Blair Rice

17. Which of these faculty members was, as a student, a member of Kenyon's winning "General Electric College Bowl" team in the 1960s?
Perry Lentz
Fred Kluge
Ray Heithaus
Ron McLaren

18. How long did it take to get from New York to Gambier by train in 1872, a few years after rail service first reached the village?
Ten hours
Sixteen hours
Twenty-six hours
Thirty-two hours

19. Who were the Kenyon employees known as the "Bobbsey Twins"?
Fauncy Ashford and Stu McGowan
Lillian Chard and Mildred Kimball
John Kushan and Wes Tutchings
Carolyn Batt and Martha Clark

20. And, finally: How long, really, is mile-long Middle Path?
miles (We'll give you a hint: it's between 0.5 and 1.5 miles.)

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