Commencement Registration 2016

Please note: If you do not need MEALS, ROOMS, or SPECIAL SERVICES you do NOT need to fill out a form to let us know you're coming - our ceremonies are NOT ticketed. However, if you need any or all of those things, please proceed.

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The name entered below will be used to hold rooms and order meals and other services. You don't need to fill out the form for each individual who plans to come; we just need one name to be able to reserve services for you.

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Residence Halls

Please indicate the number of rooms you will need each night. All beds are single beds.

Type Thursday Friday Cost per Night Total
Single Room $55.00 $0.00
Double Room $65.00 $0.00
Total for residential halls: $0.00

Please remember: all guests and students must be out of the dorms by 7:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Recreational Vehicles

If you plan to bring an RV, please indicate the nights you will be on campus and if a hookup will be needed:

We plan to stay in our RV:

Thursday Night

Friday Night

Site preference:

RV parking only

RV parking with 110-electrical hookup

Please remember: all guest are asked to have RVs off campus by 7:00 p.m. Saturday.

Note that your Senior does not need to pay for meals. Child pricing applies for children age 10 and under.

Day Meal Quantity Cost Total
Thursday Dinner, Adult $10.00 $0.00
Dinner, Child $5.50 $0.00
----------- -----------
Friday Breakfast, Adult $6.00 $0.00
Breakfast, Child $4.00 $0.00
Lunch, Adult $9.00 $0.00
Lunch, Child $5.00 $0.00
5:30 p.m.The Candlelight Dinner, Adult $38.00 $0.00
5:30 p.m.The Candlelight Dinner, Child $15.00 $0.00
7:30 p.m.The Candlelight Dinner, Adult $38.00 $0.00
7:30 p.m.The Candlelight Dinner, Child $15.00 $0.00
----------- -----------
Saturday Breakfast, Adult $6.00 $0.00
Breakfast, Child $4.00 $0.00
Picnic Lunch, Adult $19.00 $0.00
Picnic Lunch, Child $10.00 $0.00
Total for meals: $0.00

Special Dietary Concerns

Vegetarian (lacto ovo)
Gluten intolerant
Other (please describe)

List other special dietary needs in the space below.

List other special accessibility needs in the space below.

Special Services

Wheelchairs are available for rental if pre-ordered before April 29 and may be pick up at Registration Center in Gund Commons when you reach campus. There will be $25.00 refund when you return the wheelchairs to Registration Center after Graduation

Type Quantity Cost Total
Regular Width Wheelchair $60.00 $0.00
Wider Width Wheelchair $70.00 $0.00
Total for wheelchairs: $0.00

All Seniors will wear a Senior hood on graduation day. If you wish to keep your hood, you must purchase it.

Type Quantity Cost Total
Senior Hood
Note: All Seniors will wear a hood on graduation day.
$130.00 $0.00
Total for hoods: $0.00
Housing $0.00
Meals $0.00
Special Services $0.00
Senior Hoods $0.00
Total $0.00