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80007ARHS 110.01Survey of Art, Part ICredit: 0.5
TR1:10 pm-2:30 pm
Seats filled/limit: 18/28
Fullerton, Monica
80009ARHS 111.00Survey of Art, Part IICredit: 0.5
MWF1:10 pm-2:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 16/28
80010ARHS 113.00Survey of ArchitectureCredit: 0.5
MWF11:10 am-12:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 27/28
Dwyer, Eugene
80012ARHS 114.00Introduction to Asian ArtCredit: 0.5
MWF8:10 am-9:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 26/28
Blick, Sarah
80013ARHS 221.00Roman ArtCredit: 0.5
MWF2:10 pm-3:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 5/18
Dwyer, Eugene
80606ARHS 223.00Early Renaissance Art in ItalyCredit: 0.5
MWF9:10 am-10:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 12/20
80016ARHS 226.00Mod Art I:Rococo-ImpressionismCredit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 21/20
Dabakis, Melissa
80017ARHS 235.00Art of ChinaCredit: 0.5
MWF10:10 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 7/20
Blick, Sarah
80018ARHS 375.00Topics in Renais & Baroque ArtCredit: 0.5
R1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 3/12
80707ARHS 391.00Special Topic: The Visual Culture of the American Civil WarCredit: 0.5
W7:00 pm-10:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 5/12
Corrales-Diaz, Erin
80020ARHS 480.00Senior SeminarCredit: 0.5
T1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 5/8
Dwyer, Eugene
80702ARHS 497.00Senior HonorsCredit: 0.5
Seats filled/limit: 0/2
Dabakis, Melissa