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80407HIST 100.00Making of the Contmp. WorldCredit: 0.5
WF2:10 pm-3:30 pmPeirce Hall 210
Seats filled/limit: 26/45
Dunnell, Ruth
Bowman, Jeffrey
Samuels, Peter
80408HIST 126.00Early Middle Ages 300-1100Credit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 amOlin Library AUD
Seats filled/limit: 25/25Permission of Instructor Required
Bowman, JeffreyNEW
80409HIST 131.00Early Modern EuropeCredit: 0.5
MWF11:10 am-12:00 pmAscension Hall 125
Seats filled/limit: 27/35
Matytsin, AntonNEW
80410HIST 145.00Early AfricaCredit: 0.5
WF8:40 am-10:00 amOlin Library AUD
Seats filled/limit: 21/30
Volz, StephenNEW
80613HIST 156.00History of IndiaCredit: 0.5
MWF9:10 am-10:00 amAscension Hall 125
Seats filled/limit: 10/30
Samuels, PeterNEW
80411HIST 161.00East Asia to 1800Credit: 0.5
MWF10:10 am-11:00 amOlin Library AUD
Seats filled/limit: 18/25
Dunnell, RuthNEW
80412HIST 175.00Early Black HistoryCredit: 0.5
TR8:10 am-9:30 amR.B. Hayes Hall 109
Seats filled/limit: 25/25Waitlist
McNair, GlennNEW
80413HIST 205.00Hard Times: Great DepressionCredit: 0.5
TR1:10 pm-2:30 pmSamuel Mather Hall 215
Seats filled/limit: 23/30
Coulibaly, Sylvie
80414HIST 208.00Women in American HistoryCredit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 amSamuel Mather Hall 202
Seats filled/limit: 24/30
Coulibaly, Sylvie
80415HIST 226.00The British EmpireCredit: 0.5
MWF12:10 pm-1:00 pmOlin Library AUD
Seats filled/limit: 23/30
Kinzer, Bruce
80416HIST 264.00History of Modern Middle EastCredit: 0.5
TR1:10 pm-2:30 pmPeirce Hall 210
Seats filled/limit: 25/22
Kilic-Schubel, Nurten
80601HIST 291.00DSpecial Topic: Seeing the World: Voyages of Scientific ExplorationCredit: 0.5
TR2:40 pm-4:00 pmGraham Gund Gallery 101
Seats filled/limit: 8/9
Volz, Stephen
80417HIST 311.00Immigrant Experience in the USCredit: 0.5
W7:00 pm-10:00 pmAcland House SEM
Seats filled/limit: 13/12
Coulibaly, Sylvie
80418HIST 321.00The Mexican RevolutionCredit: 0.5
W7:00 pm-10:00 pmTimberlake House 5
Seats filled/limit: 9/10
Suarez-Potts, William
80422HIST 338.00Revolt, Rebellion, RevolutionCredit: 0.5
W1:10 pm-4:00 pmO'Connor House SEM
Seats filled/limit: 5/12
Matytsin, Anton
80419HIST 340.00Tudor & Stuart BritainCredit: 0.5
WF2:10 pm-3:30 pmAcland House SEM
Seats filled/limit: 7/12
Kinzer, Bruce
80614HIST 345.00History of the Indian OceanCredit: 0.5
R7:00 pm-10:00 pmSunset Cottage SEM
Seats filled/limit: 7/15
Samuels, Peter
80423HIST 387.00Practice and Theory of HistoryCredit: 0.5
M1:10 pm-4:00 pmAcland House SEM
Seats filled/limit: 10/12
Matytsin, Anton
80625HIST 391.00Special Topic: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Civil Rights MovementCredit: 0.5
T7:00 pm-10:00 pmLentz House 104
Seats filled/limit: 13/12Permission of Instructor Required
Gourrier, Francis
80424HIST 481.00Feast, Fast, FamineCredit: 0.5
T7:00 pm-10:00 pmGraham Gund Gallery 102
Seats filled/limit: 11/15Permission of Instructor Required
Bowman, Jeffrey
80427HIST 490.01Senior SeminarCredit: 0.5
M7:00 pm-10:00 pmO'Connor House SEM
Seats filled/limit: 8/10
Kilic-Schubel, Nurten
80430HIST 490.02Senior SeminarCredit: 0.5
TR2:40 pm-4:00 pmTimberlake House 5
Seats filled/limit: 9/10
McNair, Glenn
80453HIST 497Y.00Senior Honors SeminarCredit: 0.5
Seats filled/limit: 7/10
Dunnell, Ruth