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10538ANTH 111.01Intro Biological AnthropologyCredit: 0.5
MWF10:10 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 6/18
Murphy, KimmarieNEW
10681ANTH 111.02Intro Biological AnthropologyCredit: 0.5
MWF11:10 am-12:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 7/20
Hardy, BruceNEW
10545ANTH 320.00Anthropology of FoodCredit: 0.5
W1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 11/15Permission of Instructor Required
Murphy, Kimmarie
10664CHEM 110.00Environmental ChemistryCredit: 0.5
TR1:10 pm-2:30 pmQR
Seats filled/limit: 19/35
Ezeh, VivianNEW
10295CHEM 231.00Organic Chemistry ICredit: 0.5
MWF9:10 am-10:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 7/55
Hofferberth, John
10296CHEM 232.01Organic Chemistry IICredit: 0.5
MWF8:10 am-9:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 21/21
Getzler, Yutan
10298CHEM 232.02Organic Chemistry IICredit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 20/21
Hunsen, Mo
10300CHEM 233.00Organic Chemistry Lab ICredit: 0.25
R1:10 pm-4:00 pmQR
Seats filled/limit: 6/15
Hunsen, Mo
10612ECON 101.02Princ of MicroeconomicsCredit: 0.5
MWF3:10 pm-4:00 pmQR
Seats filled/limit: 15/30
Corrigan, JayNEW
10014ECON 336.00Environmental EconomicsCredit: 0.5
TR2:40 pm-4:00 pmQR
Seats filled/limit: 25/25
Alexander, Robert
10192ENVS 112.01Intro to Environmental StudiesCredit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 24/30
Fennessy, Maria
10193ENVS 112.02Intro to Environmental StudiesCredit: 0.5
TR9:40 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 9/30
Mauck, Robert
10691ENVS 261.00Geographic Information ScienceCredit: 0.5
TR8:10 am-9:30 am
Seats filled/limit: 9/11Waitlist
Holdener, Eric
10676ENVS 291.00Special Topic: Student Farming for Three SeasonsCredit: 0.5
R1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 7/12
Edwards, Kathryn
10194ENVS 461.01Sem in Environmental StudiesCredit: 0.5
M1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 15/15
Alexander, Robert
10693ENVS 461.02Sem in Environmental StudiesCredit: 0.5
T7:00 pm-10:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 0/15
Alexander, Robert
10059PSCI 363.00Global Environmental PoliticsCredit: 0.5
MWF10:10 am-11:00 am
Seats filled/limit: 20/20
Van Holde, Stephen
10655PSCI 480.00Science and PoliticsCredit: 0.5
M1:10 pm-4:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 10/15
Van Holde, Stephen
10099SOCY 233.00Sociology of FoodCredit: 0.5
MWF2:10 pm-3:00 pm
Seats filled/limit: 10/20
Johnson, Jennifer