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Administrative Matters

Equal-Opportunity Policy (24KB)
Degree Completion Rates (24KB)
Accreditation (24KB)
Preface (22KB)
Academic Calendar (21KB)
Kenyon College: Its Mission and Goals (32KB)
Academic Administration (24KB)
A Note to Students New to Kenyon (27KB)
The Academic Program at Kenyon (43KB)
The College Curriculum (41KB)
Preprofessional Programs (32KB)
Course Enrollment and Schedule Change Procedures (33KB)
Grades and Credit (37KB)
Conduct of Courses (30KB)
The Right to Petition (30KB)
Maintenance of Academic Standards (38KB)
Academic Honesty and Questions of Plagiarism (45KB)
Library and Computing Policies (22KB)
Special Credits and Programs (36KB)
Student Records (35KB)
Special Students (21KB)
Faculty of the College (45KB)
Officers and Trustees (45KB)
Administrators (35KB)

Course Descriptions

QR Courses (28KB)
African and African- American Studies (37KB)
American Studies (32KB)
Anthropology (58KB)
Art and Art History (58KB)
Asian Studies (38KB)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (32KB)
Biology (73KB)
Chemistry (54KB)
Classics (58KB)
Dance and Drama (50KB)
Economics (48KB)
English (97KB)
Environmental Studies (37KB)
History (72KB)
Integrated Program in Humane Studies (34KB)
Interdisciplinary Courses (15KB)
International Studies (51KB)
Law and Society (31KB)
Literature in Translation (11KB)
Mathematics (63KB)
Modern Languages and Literatures (96KB)
Music (67KB)
Neuroscience (58KB)
Philosophy (48KB)
Physical Education and Athletics (33KB)
Physics (49KB)
Political Science (65KB)
Psychology (49KB)
Public Policy (30KB)
Religious Studies (54KB)
Scientific Computing (31KB)
Sociology (60KB)
Women's and Gender Studies (40KB)

Index (27KB)

Scheduling Form (8KB)

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